41 thoughts on “SMARTY PANTS…”

  1. That raccoon has his tongue out, and looking directly towards you. He’s definitely challenging you. I find raccoons to be very bright, resourceful creatures. The simple fact that they know when humans put out their garbage cans, and can open them no matter how locked they are; is incredible to me. Great photos.

  2. Chipmunks do me the exact same “favor”. Maybe raccoons do too, but I never see them around here. I know they’re here because I accidentally caught one in the woodchuck trap, and my neighbors complain about them all the time. The trapped raccoon was released to continue whatever mischief he (?) had in mind…

  3. Oh my but this is a fabulous photo! I love the look of surprise on his face! He really looks like he can’t believe you didn’t put out the feast for him.

  4. I’m surprised that all the animals in your yard can still run or fly. They should be waddling with their bellies dragging on the ground. This guy is kind of cute, isn’t he? Maybe it’s those little human-like fingers.

    1. Lololololololol! I have wondered how the bluejays fly when I see them load fine pieces of corn into their stomachs. I wonder if it’s like flying a small plane and if the weight in the plane isn’t distributed properly, they make you move to adjust it. What does the bird do, fly tilted to one side?

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