3888 2 went to a nice luncheon (39 of 1)

So today I went to a very nice luncheon. The food was delicious and the people there were very nice. 

When I got home, I received notification that my manuscript had gone through it’s first  round of copyediting and it was time for me to do my bit…reviewing the changes and approving them or rejecting them.

I prepared myself to tackle the challenge and then I went for it!

3896 Psyched myself up (39 of 1)

Let me tell you it was an intense afternoon, I wrestled with the darn thing and strained my brain.

3864 I'll discuss it with the copyeditor (39 of 1)


3863 Attacked it with gusto (39 of 1)


3904 wrestling some more (39 of 1)

That was just the figuring out the directions part!

Tomorrow, round two, I call to see if I’ve done my bit correctly. I expect there will be some more challenges to tackle. I’m ready! (I have chocolate.)

3890 tomorrow round two (39 of 1)




  1. Unsolicited comment from your unsolicited copy editor…in your second paragraph above, that would be “its” in the sense you used it, rather that “it’s”. Everybody gets them confused. And no wonder–a possessive apostrophe gets used in just about every instance except for the word “it”. Possessive of “it” is “its”. Contraction of “it” (it is) is “it’s”. As in, It’s a Long Way to Tipperary….

    You should not allow old fuddy-duddy proof readers like me to subscribe to your blog. They miss the whole point of the writing because they’re too busy correcting spelling and grammar.

    1. Your poor brain! LOL! You are not allowed to read my book when it comes out. Hopefully the editing will be done well, but chances are there will be a lot of errors.

    2. You know, I’ve been thinking about this comment and I really like it 🙂 I’m considering printing it out and putting it in a frame with a picture of the front of the book. It is a such a good representation of the thought that needs to go into almost every word written!

      1. I will say one thing–when you proofread too much, you forget what the proper usage looks like and start to doubt your judgement. Even when stuff looks wrong it turns out to be right. And vice versa. The situation is not helped at all by the advent of texting…

  2. Love the pictures-I would like to think they also show the struggles the writer goes through in getting the darn words on the page-much less wrestling with an editor-great photos every one of them-

            1. Aaaaaacckkkk!! Don’t tell me that!! (Actually, one of those little stick things has a cameo in my book. Unfortunately the “episode” happened in real life…more unfortunately, my son was a witness. The whole thing was most embarrassing.)

    1. They ARE bad at sharing! I’ve written a novel and it’s fiction. I’ll post this later, but here is a bit of description, which was written not by me, but by the marketing team, that will fill you in a little.
      “London Hart loves wildlife photography, but she’s practical enough to know that if she wants to move to a better place, she can’t just work freelance. London snags a job with a local magazine, taking pictures of local mansions. When she goes out on her first assignment, her enthusiastic best friend, C. C., tags along. The two women meet their hosts, Toni and Richard, and immediately realize that both of them are nuts. Toni is fond of dangerous exotic animals and Richard is fond of over-reacting to Toni, throwing fish guts into the swimming pool in the heat of an argument. Just when the two friends decide to get the heck out of crazy-town, shots ring out. Both Toni and Richard are found dead, floating in the fish-filled pool.” Not sure that this will be the final description, but it’s a start.

        1. Lol, it is part of the publishing package that I purchased. They give you a few things to build off of, but after that you’re on your own.

  3. It’s a good thing that chocolate will fill the bill and that you don’t have to compete for peanuts with the likes of these grey-belt ninjas!

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