Well, we got to spend early evening on edge. I don’t live in this city, but we were under a tornado warning at least twice and I spent time sitting at the top of the basement stairs with Oliver in his cat carrier and Max wearing his collar and leash, ready to dash at a moments notice.

In this video, at approximately the thirty-six second mark, you see the inside of a restaurant and then the Starbucks next door to the restaurant is flattened. My family and I ate lunch in one of the seats of that restaurant when my nephew worked there a few years ago. They still have family there and I’m hoping that all is well, the city is now under a state of emergency because a second tornado passed through again later in the evening. 

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    1. It really puts you on edge! It always seems to happen for us as it’s getting dark, so you just keep and eye on the weather guy and listen for the sound of a train.

  1. Last week a tornado originated in a soybean field about a quarter mile east of the barn where I keep my horse. It went on north to destroy a town hall and some other buildings, tons of trees down. Our barn was untouched–not even exceptionally windy. Just shows you what a narrow path these things can cut…

    1. It’s unreal when you hear about things that you’re describing! I’m so glad that your horse was safe and that your barn was untouched!

    1. Surprisingly there were no serious injuries! Six tornados in total and one had winds of 165 miles per hour. We are safe here and so are the animals of the woods. I always worry about them when the weather gets vicious.

  2. I lived most of my life in Oklahoma City, so I’m all too familiar with gathering up pets and kid and preparing for a stay in the hall closet (no basement) while keeping one eye on the TV around the corner. If I still lived there, I’d have a storm cellar or a safe room. Hope everyone in Indiana gets through this in one piece and so glad you’re okay.

    1. I can’t imagine what that must have been like! My daughter comes here with her dog if things look threatening, she also has no basement. They’re building a lot more homes here without basements and if we ever moved from here I’d have to have a safe room or partial basement.
      Amazingly there were as we now know, twenty people in that Starbucks and NO injuries! That’s part of the big news today, so much destruction and no deaths, no major injuries.

    1. The last I heard, five people had taken shelter in the bathroom and were rescued by passerby. I haven’t heard of any deaths yet…hopefully it stays that way. I’ll be staying up as long as I can to make sure that the weather stays calm tonight.

  3. Wow!!! Stay safe my friend! There was a tornado tonight about 3-4 hours southwest of us, and I didn’t even hear there were going to be any storms tonight. Very strange! Mother Nature must be PMS’ing again.

    1. Glad it stayed so far from you! We weren’t expecting anything like this either. We had several tornados pass very close, just on the far side of town and don’t have info on damage or anything yet.

        1. There was a LOT in the town of Kokomo, but amazingly no serious injuries. It just destroyed so many homes and barns, etc. Six tornados passed through the state and it’s possible that we’ll have more storms today.

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