bad copy cover

The image above is not a very lovely one, it’s a very rough example of the front and back covers of my first murder mystery! A little more proofing and at long last my “baby” will be born. I’ve been neglecting my camera lately in order to wrap up the final requirements for the book and it will be good to be back behind the lens. (Yes, I designed and photographed the shoes on the cover. Who else would create such crazy shoes?”)

30 thoughts on “ALMOST A REALITY!

    1. WOOHOO! I’m so glad that you like the cover. The shoes needed to be over the top and I think I accomplished that, lol. (Let’s hope this ends up as a GOOD murder mystery and not a BLEH murder mystery.)

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  1. Having seen other writer friends reach this point … I never get tired of seeing it. Such an exciting stage, such anticipation. Best of luck in the next beautiful steps, friend.


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