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I’ve given up on trying to have a large garden. Forgetting to hook up the hose and hauling it all the way around the house to water the poor thirsty plants is a sure way to fail at gardening. Add to that a gardener who doesn’t handle heat well and ends up laying in the grass to rest, well, you have a gardener who needs to find a plan B.

Plan B. I created a little container garden on my back deck, right outside my window into the woods.I planted bushes and flowers that butterflies would enjoy and that was also a very short distance from the water spigot.I now get to enjoy my garden and pretty things with wings!

23 thoughts on “SUMMER BUTTERFLIES”

  1. Gorgeous shots of the swallow tail. I always wanted to see these beauties in the UK but they are extremely rare at home. Here in the US I get to see them often and never get tired of watching them float by.

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