22 thoughts on “A LIKELY STORY…”

  1. That’s exactly what he said. Those smart little guys are such bandits and grifter. Fun as long as you don’t have chickens or a dog door or a pond with fancy fish…and they can do a real shredding number on a dog’s ears if they get too close…but otherwise totally adorable!
    (And you blog is very neat and clean in style, so the BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS designwise fit just fine. All in the eye of the beholder…..)

    1. Yes, adorable but a nuisance.
      (Thank you for the support…I’ll probably tone down my “Caps” use. Nice to know you, “have my back”. xxx

      1. Are you kidding me? I thought you knew that. They are VICIOUS in the henhouse. I lost many chickens to them when we had a hobby farm. They have another side to them besides being cute little bandits.

            1. Definitely! We always have been careful with the household pets, knowing how dangerous confronting a raccoon can be…but I’d never heard about chickens!!

  2. So lovely photograph πŸ™‚ and made me smile your words. Who ate them all? Dear Suzanne, you know I feed cats and birds in our village garden. They all have different food bowls, but birds (especially magpies) always come and eat cat’s food too!!!! Sometimes they finish them all and cats ask me where the food was πŸ™‚ I can’t catch the traffic. Reminded me now. Thank you, Love, nia

    1. You’re welcome, nia. I didn’t know the birds would eat cat food!! They must love it when they see you filling the bowls! xo

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