15 thoughts on “February Squirrel…”

  1. Yet again you are feeding my squirrel obsession… and as usual delightfully too! 🙂

    ps, I know you wrote to me (ages ago) and let me know which lens you use for these amazing wildlife close ups. but that computer died recently and I didn’t have the info backed up. I now have a local shop advertising a “nature lens” which is Canon compatible, the details are that it’s a “Sigma 150-600mm, 1.5-6.3 DG (o with a diagonal line through it)95″ and it’s new for Euro 1320,– Does that sound like a good deal?

    Little Mr is just getting seriously interested in photography and was with me in the shop when we looked at it, (yesterday) he’s now pestering me to get it because he’s in looove with it, obviously I need to do some research first. Also, yesterday he got his first camera of his own, Canon Powershot, with lens, mirco and tele converter and bag, all second hand but like new for Euro 60,– (yes a steal… older lady just wanted to clean out house ready for downsizing and get rid of it) Little Mr is OVER THE MOON, after it arrived in the post yesterday.I have been showing him your photos and he’s ” woooah… wow… woooah” so you have TWO serious admirers in this household LOL 🙂

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