10 thoughts on “RAY, RAY, GO AWAY…

  1. I’ve been told that stingrays aren’t generally dangerous … but i’d rather not find out the hard way, either. Of course, we mostly have rubble floating in our water … except for the occasional gigantic shark … and then, there are the whales. I do rather like the whales.

    1. This is a stingray! I’ve seen them in large groups of fifteen, three, you name it.
      I stay out of the water almost all of the time. I’ve been a foot away from a shark and that’s the last time I ventured more than calf deep into the water.

      1. Oh my God, I know this, I searched now. I am glad to hear that you are in safety place 🙂 It is better to be with squirrels, deers, birds, cats, 🙂 Thank you dear Suzanne, love, nia

    1. I almost always do! I rarely shark tooth hunt anymore..even though I only have to be in the water ankle deep for that…I “second” your Yikes!

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