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How are all of you???????

I hope all is well and that those of you in Texas and the other states affected by the horrific weather have all come through it with no harm done.

I’ve never really been able to step away from the blog before, I love blogging, but a little time off was just what I needed…new sights, new sounds, new ideas and new things to share with all of you.

I believe I said that I was going to put the camera down for awhile…well THAT didn’t happen. Ran around like a loon sometimes, chasing sea life as it swam down the beach. Tried to snap lightning as long as I didn’t hear thunder…( if you can hear it, the lightning can come from a LONGGG way off and zap you.) 

What else did I do? I spent a lot of time trying to resist the urge to eat chocolate. I did pretty well resisting the urge …but then I discovered a place that has amazing key lime cheesecake. THE GROCERY STORE!!!!

12 thoughts on “LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!

  1. Key lime cheesecake, eh? Nice find! Great picture, too! I’ve been away for a while myself. Just catching up slowly. Had my son visiting and he tuckered me out…but it was too fun for words! 😉


    1. How great to spend time with him! I’ll bet you are”tuckered out”. I get to see my Montana son this summer and it will have been a year since I saw him last…cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!

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