1. Our Cardinal came around yesterday for a visit, but the camera was all tucked away. I got one shot with the wrong camera … you can barely see there’s bird in the leaves 🙂 Great shot!!

  2. I don’t know if the birds around here are happy or not, but they sure sound like they are. 🙂

    Great photo, Suzanne! I don’t need a calender to know the seasons, I just need to take a peek outside your widow to the woods. 🙂

  3. What bird is that?. It’s a beautiful photo… and as winter is raising its ugly head this side of the world I can look forward to all the spring and summer shenanigans from outside your window….

    1. I believe that this is a White-Throated Sparrow.
      Oh dear……winter for you…so you’ll be out shoveling snow? (hehehehe)…What is your winter like?

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