1. Yes….This is an older image…I did see Bob from a distance today…passed his 40 acres on the road…I don’t see him anymore in person…I don’t feel like I can write a post about the last chapter of my story with Bob, to explain why I don’t see the horses anymore. I’ll just say here in the comment section that Melvin developed a “crush” and I had to stop going when he made his feelings known. 😦 It was a very sad day for me…

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        1. Hmmm…we must not have talked about this…Melvin developed a “crush” I guess…had to end my visits there. A very sad turn of events for me…totally out of the blue.

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    1. Soon after I took this shot, maybe a week later…Melvin had cleaned them all down. I think he was a little embarrassed…but when you’re 86 and get around with a walker it’s kind of tough.


    1. I hadn’t been in a barn since I was a teenager at my grandparents horse farm and when I walked through the door the smell just washed over me and memories flooded over me.

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