17 thoughts on “SNACK TIME!”

    1. I think I’ve had that expression on my face when I’ve eaten a donut that we now get here…It’s made in an Amish community and trucked here every morning…it has a proper name, but everybody calls it “Amish Crack”..it’s so addictive!

  1. This is amazing… I mean the expression my lovely one 🙂 As if he found nuts at first time… I don’t think that he starved!!! especially in your garden 🙂 But, but what I can understand from this expression is, these nuts should be the MOST DELICIOUS one in the world…

    Thank you dear Suzanne, love you, nia

  2. The Grey Squirrels are a bit of a nuisance as they are always trying to steal the peanuts I put out for the birds. They used to destroy all my peanut feeders until I bought a British made feeder which they have not destroyed at all this year.

    The peanuts sold in the UK for the birds are all shelled. Peanuts are quite expensive here as well.

    1. I would really, really love to find unsalted peanuts here, but I haven’t so far…I guess the birdseed stores do have them, but as you said, they’re very expensive. I gave up on trying to keep the peanuts away from the squirrels, lol! It was always a losing battle and it turns out that I enjoy their silly antics, so it works out well.

      1. We try not to feed the Squirrels unless they are the rare Red Squirrels.

        I thought the peanuts would be much cheaper in America than in the UK as they are grown there.

        1. Peanuts can get expensive…for a while they thought the price would go really high because of a bad season…can’t remember if it was winter or summer at this point.

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