36 thoughts on “EIGHT??? EIGHT!!!!”

  1. I think eating in a huddle helps to keep them warm as well. One of them in the high branches calls out “Switch” and the the ones that have been in the cafe longest must relinquish their position and let the branch dwellers get warmed up for awhile. Everyone knows you always have to rotate. I hope you have enough peanuts because we are in for a cold spell this week.

    1. I think I’m going to have to get more! I bought a LARGE bad yesterday and the squirrels have moved into the diner and are shoveling in peanuts as fast as they can go.
      I had no idea that there was a blue jay in charge of managing the diner! It makes perfect sense!

  2. A party of bluejays! Woohoo!

    I just googled it, a group of bluejays is called a ‘party’, or a ‘band’. (Now, I feel so smart!) It seems your place hosts the best party in town!

    This image is GORGEOUS, by the way! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. What a great sight for you. I put birdseed out for the cardinals and chickadees that feed. The pesky squirrels come and gobble it. Do you have squirrels feeding on your peanuts? I’d love to have some bluejays gathering here by my place.

    1. I do have squirrels that come and take over…They haven’t been as much of a problem this winter but once in a while they make an appearance. In the summer the chipmunk is a HUGE peanut thief…just terrible! (But really cute).

      1. I have a clear window feeder on my patio door. It’s not too big and it’s clear acrylic. The other morning I looked out the window and it was dark where I usually see light. I then realized a squirrel had parked him/her self in the feeder! He surprised me and I surprised him. He jumped out. They have no shame. Fear, but no shame. 🙂

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