24 thoughts on “THEY’RE KIDS AGAIN…”

  1. They are not wearing thick gloves. Their hands must be cold.

    Did everything grind to a halt like it does in the UK when there is a wee bit of snow? Cars not moving on the roads, trains cancelled roads and pavements icy because the council hasn’t bothered to put salt down to melt the snow?

    1. OH YES…everything has come to a halt, but we’ve had at least 10 inches of snow, so it’s understandable. The UK sounds like places in the south, (think Atlanta) when a little snow falls.
      They had already finished their building and been in the house warming up, so they just ran out to have the second picture taken for just a moment without their gloves…

      1. We had 3 inches and all hell broke loose.

        When snow is forecast I get out my Goretex walking boots, gaiters, Goretex gloves, thick jacket, woollen Nepal hat with ear flaps and walk short distances (less than 8 miles).

        My family came from the Isle of Skye so coping with the cold must be in my blood as it gets cold in Skye.

        People need to toughen up.

          1. Yes. My toughness comes from my Scottish Highland ancestors.

            In 2010 we had a severe snowstorm in Scotland when 10 inches fell in the afternoon of a week day. I took a big rucksack to work with me with Goretex walking boots, gaiters, thick waterproof gloves, hat, vacuum flask and energy bars. It was sunny for a time in the morning and people were kidding me on about all the gear I had bought.

            At 11.00am the snow came down very fast and kept going. The cars were all stuck in the car park and I had to lead a lot of people home in deep snow (in the dark) who were wearing ordinary shoes. Took us 5 hours because they were so unfit and slow. The roads were full of abandoned cars.

            Next day I was one of the few who arrived at work after walking the 5 miles to work in just over 1 hour.

  2. Are they mad?… sit in front of the firdplace, mug of hot chocolate in hand and thank the lucky stars they’re not homeless. … where were you? Outside taking the photo?….

    1. LOL! I was inside watching through the window…coughing.
      I did go outside to take the second photo. They had finished and wanted a shot of their masterpiece. You can almost see our little dog max in the middle of them.
      They might be a little mad…they are my children you know.

  3. This is fabulous. The perfect winter scene. There is so much joy – so much sense of pleasure in this simple bit of play. Bravo!!! I raise my glass.

    1. There was definitely joy…I took a few shots of my daughter laughing…Her twin brother is a really funny guy and no one makes her laugh like he does. The “igloo” was his idea and I was amazed when she went out and built it with him. Makes me a little emotional to look at the images..very special afternoon.

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