1. I know I couldn’t walk in these! Do not try this kind of shoe, you sound pretty certain of the outcome….unless of course they can make a sling for your posterior.

  1. WTH…. have you gone crazy?? tutus I expect but shoes that look like a construction company is required to get in to them, and then a whole counter balance set up so as not to break your neck when falling… I’m freaked out… those are the WMD the Americans are looking for…

    1. Me too!!! I found these at a GoodWill store…someone donated them and they had obviously been worn…I’ve done some cleanup on this…who could have walked in these?

  2. Oh how I wish I could walk in them – then again,I am saving a bundle by NOT being able to walk in them – a silver-lining of sorts! 😉

    1. Yes…a silver lining…They do make a person perfect their balance though…..as I mentioned to Anneli…I can only manage them with someone holding me up! 🙂

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