30 thoughts on “I COUNT…FOUR??”

    1. They make themselves scare for the most part in the winter..they do come out to get food once in awhile.
      Exciting for me tonight..the deer showed up!

  1. I love this… I tried this weekend to capture a photo of young ground squirrels… they would pop their heads up out of the hole but dodge back down too quick for a photo….

            1. I’m glad you knew….I heard this a.m….I have a totally different email and I’m not keeping a contacts list anymore…a pain, but it will hopefully protect people in the future..thanks for letting me know…sorry again…looked into it and there’s no way to stop them from using the email that they hacked originally.

              1. There are way too many spammers and hackers out there. They must be so bored to be doing this. Well, I won’t even open those suspicious looking emails. Hope you can shake them off your trail.

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