28 thoughts on “IF I SIT VERY STILL…

  1. The wee birds require a lot of food with fats in it like fat balls, peanuts, fat cakes etc. I can get most of their food from the pound shop (dollar store) and it saves me a bit of money compared with the supermarkets.prices.

    1. Thanks! I may be down and out with a cold, but I still force myself behind the camera from time to time…I have a definite problem with photography!

  2. I always wonder what winter birds eat when there is a foot of snow on the ground and all the seeds have dispersed off the plants. I feed them now and then, and they flock (!) to the feeders, then leave when the feeders are empty. Where do they go?? Somewhere, because they always come back.

  3. Juncos stay here with us all winter, and they are very loyal birds. I put food on the ground for them because they prefer ground feeding. They seem to do well in the cold.

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