15 thoughts on “SHE HAUNTS ME…”

  1. Ah, Marilyn. Loved by men and women far and wide for longer than anyone thought imaginable. There would be something reassuring passing this window and seeing that poster every time. Has it faded or changed colour much over time? I picture it fading more and more with each of your visits until it is just a whisper of Marilyn.

  2. I wonder, in our daily life how many iconic feces, are we seeing AND notice it’s there !
    Our brain is accustomed to ignore the repeated same signal by rising threshold of it’s significance.
    So, the question is, what makes you keep bothering with this ?
    Was that because her rather distended ugly face ? — or you got secret mind to compete with her ?
    — We zennists can instantly shut-off the cognition = something even on front, suddenly disappeared.
    (Well, may need to exclude young and sham zennist. 🙂 )
    So, one harmless town scape, what’s wrong with this poster. — why you need to bother for ?

    1. 🙂 Her “distended face”…isn’t compelling..
      I have NO desire to compete with her…competing with someone else is pointless outside of the world of sports..and even then,I have no desire for that.
      The objects that people place in their windows reveal part of their true selves, at least who they were at one point in their lives. Peaceful, or perhaps a person with a sense of humor. A lover of cats or teapots, horses or dolls…I just enjoy people and the way they express themselves.
      I have prisms hanging in my “window into the woods” so that they can reflect light and color and beauty.
      I take note that the poster is still there whenever I visit there, just because it’s part of the townscape that I love.

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