19 thoughts on “TOUGH…”

    1. Goodness Alex…Thank you!!
      My husband is encouraging me to do more…thinking about it…
      lol, I’ll say thank you for him…he’s totally unaware of how he looks…When our daughter got married, I had a lot of women..(even my sister, ewwww) saying how handsome he was…they had NEVER seen him dressed in a tux..neither had I for that matter..

  1. What a beautiful teawork 🙂 Mom and son… My son hates too to be taken his picture. But he looks great and there is a meaningful looking eyes to you dear Angel, as saying “Everything for you Mom!” 🙂 handsome young man. Blessing and Happiness to you both, Thank you, love, nia (by the way forget it ice-cream 🙂 )

  2. I’m damn sure it doesn’t say that either. … more like I’m easy but don’t push your luck… him and I could kick ass together… thats a good looking man you got there… Moms looks and Dads brain? Lol

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