1. Do Chipmunks not do a lot of damage to houses? I know that Grey squirrels can do a lot of damage to houses in the UK.

    Talking about moonshine, my family came down from the Isle of Skye in the middle of the 19th century to work in Motherwell in Lanarkshire in engineering (Motherwell was one of the largest steel-making areas in the world until the 1980’s when most steel works closed).

    Before they came over, the people in Skye used to distil whisky illegally and hide it in the hills and then it was sent to the mainland by boat and sending their goods south in barrels, hung on long strings of ponies, over the hill tracks and roads. This was because of a tax on malt, an essential ingredient in the making of whisky. Illegally distilling whisky was common in the Highlands of Scotland at that time.


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