30 thoughts on “BRING ‘EM ON…

      1. But very demanding. Tiger is always wanting attention and very fussy. He likes Scottish salmon, tuna and chicken as well as special English cat food.

              1. When I used to travel on the Caledonian Sleeper train to London to stay with my friends I used to take the bike down with me. This was kept in the guards van.

                Only two bikes are allowed as the rest of the space was taken up with Scottish Salmon on its way to the posh hotels and food outlets in London.

                The train travelled from Inverness in Northern Scotland to London.

  1. OK..that does it! You really must take all of these very creative blog entries, publish them in a book on Amazon, call it the Zannyro Diaries or something like that … and make a fortune. BTW, Oliver is just so ferocious taking on that tiger. Give him a kitty treat for me.

    1. You stopped me right in my tracks!
      I kind of like the idea…especially the making a fortune part, lol! Thank you and Oliver will get his treat, per your orders 🙂

        1. Oliver is not two years old yet…but he’s LONNNGG…
          He is a good guard cat..he hears EVERYTHING…if the phone rings, he runs and stands next to it..it the doorbell rings, he comes running.

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