21 thoughts on “DON’T LOOK NOW…

    1. You brightened my day with your comment about the conversations!
      I don’t know why the jays are so social here, but they definitely seem to move as a group from place to place throughout the day.

  1. I’ve always thought these guys were among the most handsome of North American birds. Don’t think I’ve ever been treated to this many in one place. Lucky you!

    1. I was thrilled..I know that they’re in the trees..I hear all the chattering…and I see flocks zipping through the trees..but such a treat to have so many show up all at once.

          1. black head, blue bottom. although the blue jays are cute, too.

            although if they do come and visit our backyard, the hummingbirds may object. then again, those feisty Rufouses of ours ain’t afraid of any bird, it seems πŸ˜€

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