19 thoughts on “THE TUTU SURPRISE…

  1. Oh my…. I hope the squirrel is a she, otherwise you might just have really upset a male squirrel by not dressing him in those tights….
    Great photoshop job that’s for sure…

    1. I’ll have to try to determine if we have a male…yikes…the poor thing, if it should have been tights instead of tutu!
      She did a great job didn’t she? I can’t do that kind of thing…I’d like to learn, just to do fun things like this but I’m not sure I’m technically savvy enough for that kind of thing.

      1. I’m like you,,, my SiL has it on his computer and I tried a few things… by the time I’d finished I couldn’t even find the original photo… it had disappeared completely… so I decided to leave this software to those who can….

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