16 thoughts on “MOOOOOOOORE COWS…”

  1. Calves often make MUCH better company than some relatives. For one thing they never judge you as ‘weird’ when you tell them that you think the movie ‘Titanic’ to be completely over-rated, and for another – they don’t get offended when they’re not included in your dinner plans – in fact, they rather it that way. 🙂

    1. LOL! Calves really get the whole “over-rated” titanic thing. They might have felt differently if it was a mooo-sical however.

    1. lolol….the protective brother perhaps..the one on the left seems to be looking to that one for what attitude to go with..hostile..friendly..disdain?…

  2. Someone wants to ignore you.????? I find that hard to believe, although like Gina I also have a few relatives like that (Cows I mean, just the two legged kind), but then who gives a damn…??? Not I….

    1. You sound like hubby…”Not I”…
      It’s not just me…exactly…you find out a lot when one of your children gets married.
      And then you know all you need to know about that person or persons…
      I say, “Bring on the squirrels” They’re much more worthy of my attention.

          1. They have their tap dancing shoes on. Their hooves would make a nice clickety-clack if only they had a good paved or cement driveway to dance on. It’s not the same on grass.

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