25 thoughts on “COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN….

    1. Thanks!! I was just outside and about five of them flew in front of me….they like their feeding “station” I guess…fun to hear them when they’re being vocal!

      1. Get in free as well. William and Kate get the best seats at Wimbledon and now they are in Glasgow watching the Commonwealth Games.

        Such a hard life!

          1. Yes. Ha Ha. I have had to travel to work in a very cramped train as I work near Hampden Park where the athletics is taking place at the Commonwealth games just now. All these visitors are travelling with the commuters.

            If Wills and Kete were going to travel on this train you can bet your house that Scotrail would put on a train which is longer.

    1. We take them for granted now that we’ve lived here for so long and we really shouldn’t…When I was growing up, you would only see one at a time and then, not often.

    1. 🙂 They are really something..when I walk the dog in the morning, they call back and forth to each other in the tree tops….I think they’re saying, “the peanut lady finally got up!”

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