32 thoughts on “BIRDS IN LOVE…

  1. Juvenile cardinals look a lot like females. If I remember correctly, according to Stan Tekiela’s Illinois bird book, sharing food is part of the cardinals’ mating ritual. I’ve observed them sharing sunflower seeds at my backyard feeder and it is indeed a sweet thing to see.

  2. Are you sure that it is not an adult bird feeding one of it’s young? I looked up a juvenile Cardinal and the bird on the right looks like the picture of the juvenile bird I saw.

      1. Do you not have a local bird charity similar to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds? Someone there could help you.

        On another note my local supermarket Asda (Walmart) is selling Hershey Chocolate Kisses and some other chocolate. I think it is made in England by Cadbury’s but it is still very nice.

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