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  1. Wow what a capture… you really are so lucky at that window… I’ve been meaning to ask about the lens that broke, did you get it fixed or replace it??

    1. I went to a great little camera shop about an hour from here to buy a lens….it wasn’t going to even be close to what the lens I broke, but it was what I could afford….the fellow there came out with the one that I was asking about, but he had an 18-300mm lens with him too.
      A doctor had just come in and traded it for something else…it’s like new! I guess he does that all the time, buys something and then in a month or two, trades it in…It was going to cost me only a little more than the new lens and I got SO much more lens for the price…I said “sold” the moment I tried it on my camera..these images were taken with that lens…I’m so happy with it…the other lens was a 70-400 and what I lost with the 400, I really gained a lot with the 18 and up!!
      So now I get to shoot pictures of the birds and squirrels again 🙂
      I’m so glad to see your gravatar…hope your feeling at least a tiny bit better today…

      1. Still tired but as per the post, the results are in and it is benign… somehow knew it would be as all of Linda’s growths have been soft tissue and mine were hard, just didn’t seem right… but at least now it is confirmed, just have to take it easy for a while and then start to build up lung capacity by exercise and to get the machine for the sleep apnea… the emphysema is a factor I will have to learn to live with, but they say one can increase lung capacity around it… so we will see what the future holds, all I know is I’m to be around for a lot longer…

        1. Could you hear the big breath of air that I exhaled when I read that the growths were benign????? You need to celebrate…I know you’re not really up for a big bash…but you must be SO relieved…I’m so happy for all of you…you in particular of course! I’m running over to read the post..the closer we get to our daughters wedding the less time I have to visit the blogosphere…

    1. 🙂 😀 The action shots are my favorite!!!!!
      I was very lucky…when I had resigned myself to the fact that a new lens like the one that I broke, just wasn’t in the realm of possibility I went shopping for a lens that I thought I might enjoy. The shop that I love, it’s about sixty miles from here, had just had a doctor trade in an 18-300mm. They asked if I was interested…I popped it on my camera and said “sold”….it took these images. I LOVE this lens 🙂

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