28 thoughts on “THE DOG IN THE DARK…

  1. Big woof – like it! Tried to get a picture of cat near dog recently in a dark room – it came out looking like mutant animals – yours is much better! IT is difficult to get a good pix of a black dog – we had a beautiful black bouvier, but he always looked like a big dark lump in pictures!

        1. 🙂 LOL! He is the most calm, patient dog and he is so very good with cats….Oliver, our sons cat is living with us now and he attacks Max the dog, all the time….he wraps his front legs around the dogs neck and hangs on when the dog tries to walk away. Oliver tries to bite him and sometimes does and hurts Max…..I think maybe Oliver is not as nice as your Princess.
          Max is telling me that your Princess does not need to be jealous…Max will just love your from afar.
          Your kisses made him smile…I will put a little picture of Oliver on the post for you…

          1. he he he 🙂 doesn’t sound from there my Princess is a nice one! Ah, she is a real BIG cat! Even, I me, I can’t take her in my hands… if she wants I can youch her… 🙂 But only she lets my love and my son!!!! not me! Can you see… There is a big problem in our home… Thank you dear Max, I love you, but love you all there 🙂 have a ni,ce day, love, nia

            1. Your Princess is a cat with a mind of her own! It sounds like there IS a big problem in your home….Princess wants to be the one that the men love…maybe she is jealous of you!
              love, love!

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