37 thoughts on “BRING ME FLOWERS…

    1. Thank you Miss Gina! I think that I could get carried away with lenses…if only I had the funds to support that! hehehe! Glad you like the new look…I wasn’t sure about it..but it feels “open” to me..and I like that.

    1. I can only imagine what images you would capture! I just found a lens to replace my beloved 70-400..so the macro has to wait…..
      I brought home an 18-300 tele…There is a camera shop I drive to in a city about an hour from us…excellent place and the gentleman there asked me if I’d consider a “used” lens…I was going to purchase a smaller lens…this one, new, too pricey….apparently a Doctor purchases lenses, keeps them a month or two and trades them back in,….I told them to send me an email the next time he does something like that!!! Now that was a HAPPY day…I was so excited and I LOVE the lens!!

    1. I hope that our dreams come true!!! This image was taken with a lens that I purchased last week…to replace the 70-400 that I broke..(can you hear me weeping and wailing from here?)…I’m liking this new lens very much…but some day…I hope we are both posting glorious macro shots!

      1. Gosh! That is my nightmare! I let mine fall a few times & I can literally say my heart skipped a beat but so far so good…
        We will… soon enough come up with the most exquisite, sharp, crispy close-ups 😉
        Mine is a tiny simple Canon digital IXUS 95 IS but I was very surprised to how close I can get keeping all along a sharp edge.
        I’ll soon post close-ups of a beautiful fuchsia rose, it’ll give you an idea of what I mean…

        1. When I could see the interior “workings” of the lens, I was sick…no fixing it….it sounds weird, but that lens had “taken” me places for many years and it was like a part of me.
          A simple Canon is a GOOD camera…Canon is awesome…I use Nikon, but if I didn’t have multiple lenses that wouldn’t fit a Canon..I would switch.

  1. Back when I had a really nice camera (’80s), my favorite lens was a 70-210 macro zoom. It was the only one I ever used, and the macro was every bit as much fun as the zoom.

    These roses make me think of a flamenco dancer.

    1. Your macro lens sounds like it was awesome! I like that “a flamenco dancer”…when I read that phrase I can see exactly what you mean..

    1. It’s not proper photography, but I like things just a little out of focus…it gives it that velvet look….I have both pink and red, but I much prefer the red….precisely because it is so rich..:)

        1. They make a lot of lotions and soaps and perfumes…all duplicating the scent of roses….they smell like they look…wonderful…

          1. Yes, but I meant those particular red ones you took the picture of. They look velvety and they look like they smell good. Some roses only have a faint scent, others are more fragrant.

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