44 thoughts on “IT IS WHAT IT IS…

  1. Breathtaking! I find that spending time near the water can be very healing and it makes it a lot easier to sort through things and solve the problems of the world. Of course the wine also helps with that.

  2. What better place to reflect than the ocean? And the wine doesn’t hurt either. Whatever choices you face, know that you are divinely loved and guided.

      1. Either one but Reggie is the beloved nickname my brother gave me when I was born. He couldn’t pronounce Regina. Hope you are well, my friend. May the force be with you!

  3. Now what would bring on such artistry.??? Reflections of the past or future.?? Or are we at that point where everything just needs to stop and time needs to stand still to allow us to catch up.??
    It is a great photo that has me thinking that zanny has something more to say, something like….. wheres the chocolate to go with the serene scene.

    1. Feels a little like I leaned too far out of “the train window”, (life feels like we’re all on a train, zooming along to me at times)…reaching for chocolate and I fell out….so now I’m standing on an empty platform, waiting for another train to go by and grab me back up and on.
      This probably makes no sense at all…but…

      1. Know exactly how you feel… life is just all a mix for Linda and I at the mo.. with returning to hospital, should have been tomorrow, now Tuesday, had tests today yet still none the wiser as to the problem… just can’t make a plan from day to day as everything changes constantly… now about that train…

          1. Saw the Dr for shortness of breathe… felt collapsed lungs should have improved by now… now I can’t walk 200 m without stopping to catch my breathe,,, saw the Dr she did cardio tests and sent me to cardiologist.. he would have done angiogram tomorrow, but couldn’t fit me in so had to see a different one today.. he did tests and feels that heart is Ok but is worried about possible small blood clots from last op .. so is now booking me into hospital on Tuesday for Cat scan of heart and lugs, followed by lung function tests, followed by possible angiogram… ready to toss in the towel to be quite honest… up/down, left/right where the hell am i off to..??… pretty sick of it all, specially when I can’t even climb a flight of stairs without stopping to catch my breathe… used to run up the stairs with a bag of cement on my shoulder, now can’t climb them carrying my shoes… that’s why I say where the hell is that train????

            1. Damn….that train needs to get here NOW!!!!!!!
              Had things gotten better for a while? I’m SO relieved to hear that your heart is ok…I know they’ll get to the bottom of this, but I’m so sorry that you’re going through such a hell of a time. I’ve read this several times now and I can understand why you would feel like throwing in the towel….hang in there friend….lots of prayers are behind you…..sorry I didn’t respond sooner, had to visit another friend who has been very ill.
              All of your troubles from that stupid appendix..who would believe it was possible?!…
              I’ll be thinking of you today, tonight and tomorrow until I hear from you next….I’ll also be standing on the railroad tracks…no train is getting by me, without it getting stern instructions to pick you up IMMEDIATELY….xxx

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