25 thoughts on “OUTSMARTED AT LAST…

    1. LOL! OH NO!!!!!!
      I think the secret is in the “unsteadiness” of the branch…She’s never tried it again! At least so far, it’s only day three.

    1. lololol! That’s the underbelly…TA-DA! If she can’t find an extension rod, I’m sure someone will lend her some “stilts”…those raccoons are sneaky that way…

  1. HA!

    Wait! Aren’t racoons usually nocturnal?? What kind of super-coon you have hanging out at your place?!! Hanging out, lol, get it?! Ummm…..never mind…..

    1. I THOUGHT raccoons were supposed to be nocturnal….I don’t know what the deal is with these critters!
      The mama just lies in wait and within 5 minutes of my having put birdseed out, she’s cleaning it all out…I guess nursing three babies takes a LOT of calorie consumption..frustrating for me though…the birds don’t have a chance.
      “Hanging out”….yes…I get it….you nut!

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