Two many peanuts (1 of 1)


If I just had one more arm and hand I know I could get that last peanut and take it home with me….maybe I should go purse shopping, just get it over with, start a trend in the squirrel kingdom and carry a purse. You know, I think I could get very rich selling squirrel purses! This is an amazing idea! I wonder if Zannyro would sew the purses for me?

I know! Maybe Zannyo could run down to the local nursery/landscape place and pick up a few squirrel wheelbarrows…I could carry SOO many peanuts in a squirrel wheelbarrow….I wonder if there are squirrel wheelbarrows? I need to run up to Zannyro and bite her in the leg the next time I see her,,,that always gets her attention, then we could discuss all of the supplies I need.


  1. Or, if you’re really a smart chipper, you can just shell the nuts first and cram a whole bunch of them into those little cheek pouches,

  2. Maybe there could be tiny expandable backpacks for squirrels. They would be handy for nuts, plus the backpack wouldn’t get in the way when the squirrel needed to run or climb.

    1. Now that’s a better idea! AND the male squirrels are more likely to want to buy one of those backpacks instead of a purse.

  3. I’d recommend an ecologically and politically correct reusable shopping bag made from recycled water bottles. I hear they hold a LOT of peanuts, and when you’re through shopping, they’re washable.

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