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I’m not sure what kind of sport this is…I’m not sure what the objective is, or how you win the competition..if it is a competition. I have a feeling that I could be pretty good at this sport, unless of course sharks swim in this water…(which they do)…and if things with little sharp stinger things swim in this water, (which they do)…well………then I would really stink at this sport.

If things like that were in the water, I would spend way too much time screaming every time anything brushed against me and everybody knows you can’t perfect a sport if you spend all your time screaming.

I’m starting to wonder if a sharky thing ate the top half of this person or if something stung his upper half off. I’ve decided……I want nothing to do with this sport…I don’t want any of you  to have anything to do with this sport…unless of course this sport involves diving for doughnuts…….in that case….race you to the water!

12 thoughts on “I’M ALL ABOUT THE SPORTS…

  1. *soothingly* Don’t worry, the front part of that person is safely stuck out of the other side of the wave … and making loud noises at the ginormous shark there!


  2. Now some one needs to tell that swimmer, to body surf you need to face the other way to be successful… My body surfing is quite good and I do certainly face forward… hell maybe it works better this way, will try it next month when at the seaside again… but if I get a body full of sea water you can warn this surfer I’ll be looking for him/her…


    1. lololol…..I’ll spread the word next time I’m back at the water’s edge…if I tell him/her you’re looking for them, I have a feeling they’ll exit the water…”muy pronto!”


  3. I have a rule. I don’t swim in water where I can’t see what’s in there with me. That pretty much limits me to swimming pools.


    1. I never used to be that way…but after seeing a five to seven foot shark at my feet…WHILE I WAS STANDING ON THE EDGE OF THE GULF…I now go by your rule!


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