19 thoughts on “EXHALE….AND RELAX…

  1. fantastic pics. We have two beautiful Maine Coone Cats and they are like that, Its cold and raining here in Aussie today and one of them is draped across the central heating vent

    1. LOL! Yes…they love the heat don’t they?! Oliver drapes himself across my face some nights…TWO Maine Coon Cats! You are so lucky 🙂
      I want to say “Welcome!”, to AWINDOWINTOTHEWOODS… 🙂

  2. I dug around in my old photo albums but the pictures of our Oliver lookalike were not very good. You can see “her” on my blog if you’re by that way someday. She was a real character, but Oliver is by far handsomer.

    1. I’ll come looking!! Oliver, luckily for us, has no idea how handsome he is….I don’t know if I could deal with a cat with an enormous ego!

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