31 thoughts on “SHOWING OFF MY MOVES…

    1. Isn’t he a beauty?! The cardinals are so skittish…it’s been hard for me to get a good shot of them. The slightest movement sends them zooming away.

    1. This is a cardinal…I’m not sure about their connection to a finch..I see sparrows mentioned more frequently when this type of bird is mentioned.

      1. They are finches. I checked on the internet.It was the shape of the beak that pointed to it being from the finch family.

        On another note we found snares down near my local bird pond. There are a lot of Roe deer so we think poachers are trying to catch them and selling the meat.

        There are patrols going up and down the area checking and removing the snares. Then someone found a spade next to the entrance to a badger sett.

        Fortunately badgers live quite far underground from the entrance, so they should be safe.

        1. I learned several new things today, thanks to you!
          Awful about the snares…and who would want to have ANYTHING to do with a badger!

  1. I bet that cardinal was at the rage at the old Studio 54!
    (Even with the big gold chains that were popular at the time.)

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