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Ooooohhh, this is one of the moments I’ve always hoped to capture. These tiny birds are so fun to watch and so very quick…it’s hard to capture them together…at least for me. They might be in a small group at times, but that lasts for a split second and then they zoom away and they’re gone.

I couldn’t quite believe that I was able to capture this image of two of them and at such a sweet moment…a lucky moment for me!

36 thoughts on “WHAT??!!

  1. I hadn’t thought about it until you mentioned it, but they do flit around very quickly, don’t they? You could wait a long time for a good shot. This one is wonderful!

  2. I think this is why we continue to photo birds that we already have captures of… the next photo might just be the special one… like this one…

    1. Thanks Rob…I think you’re right….it’s a bit of an obsession for me I’m afraid…need to pull back a little…are you having a better week??

      1. Not really, but like you I will continue to take photos for that special time like my last post.. not often one captures the bird fights…

  3. It is tiny bird time! What a great shot. We spotted a couple of “littles” who have just managed to fly a bit – hopping from branch to branch after their mom begging for food…she just wants a minute of peace!

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