1. Seagulls. he’s definitely thinking about seagulls.

    But the squirrel is obviously thinking devious mischievous thoughts.

    1. What??????? A squirrel thinking devious thoughts!?!
      You want to see a squirrel thinking devious thoughts???
      I can show you a picture of a squirrel thinking devious thoughts…or to be more accurate, a stupid, stupid squirrel thinking stupid thoughts…stay tuned.

  2. Great pic of Oliver …. so as he was thinking about ninja squirrels (outstanding ending I must say), I was thinking …. Greeeeeen Acres is the place to be.

      1. Still suffering… energy is sorely lacking… a walk of 2 kilometers is enough to put me on the bed for an hour and this from some one that would think nothing of walking 10 to 15 kilos per walk and still want more, so you must know the frustration I’m feeling… I’ve never had this before and I must admit it is becoming a mental problem as well, snapping at Linda as if its her fault and actually become a bit of a pain for all…. really need to get over this soon… Doctors say walk, but then turn round and say this can last 3 to 4 months… I cannot afford the time to recover it’s going to kill me… but at least the not smoking has not become a problem, breezed through the 40 days off last Sunday without any problem at all… as for the taste buds they have returned but some foods do not taste the same, Linda says this could be from the non smoking… pity as some of the foods I used to enjoy, now, not so much… but thanks for asking…

        1. How could I not ask? You’re on my mind every day!
          I feel so badly that you’re having such a tough time of it…One thing I learned from my mother-in-law’s recovery from some surgery years back…if they tell you to walk..WALK!…even if you have to lay in bed for hours afterward..it will help you mend and you WILL mend…the walking will get you there…it will take you back to being whole again. She did NOT walk, and has never had the energy she once had…so here is my bit of nagging…WALK,WALK,WALK! Three to four months will someday be nothing but a memory. Now go give that sweet Linda a kiss and a hug! xo

          1. That’s what Linda keeps saying and I keep doing, but the frustration is too much sometimes… I know if I don’t I’ll never get over it so I do keep going… we have decided to go down to the coast next month for a few months, the denser air I think might just aid in a quicker recovery…

            1. A change of scenery is always a good thing….Just get that “Bulldog” mentality going and don’t give up…I’m pretty certain that you are a “rock” for everyone else in your life to to draw strength from. Time to dig deep and be that “rock” for yourself.
              I know…so easy for me to give advice and talk “big” when I’m not in your shoes…so forgive me if I’m annoying…just want the best for you.

              1. It is so encouraging to get words like this from so far afield… definitely not annoying, just what I need … encouragement…. poor Linda is doing her best, but you know what its like…

                1. Yes…the ones that are closest to us, bear the brunt of our frustrations….but that’s because we feel safe with them.
                  I know you have many, many, many blogging friends who care about you…It’s so evident from the comments on your blog. So keep listening to those words of encouragement that come from all over the big wide world and just keep putting one foot in front of the other and lean on Linda.. Tell her I said “xoxoxo”!

    1. You should see this cat in person…He’s mostly Maine Coon and he’s getting BIG!
      He belongs to my son…but while he is away for a year, perhaps more, he’s all ours….I secretly hope I get to keep him…such a lover..

    1. LOLOLOL! I thought you might like him!! 🙂 If you could see him in person, you would REALLY love him…he’s a cat who LOVES people after he gets to know them.
      He’s very silly too, makes me laugh all the time.

          1. Her cat was exactly like yours. Somewhere I did a blog about that cat, but I had to borrow a stock photo as I didn’t have one of Molly handy, but if I dig around in the photo albums I might find and old one I can scan. Time to dig!

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