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As I look at this shot from a month or two back, I wonder…what were they thinking? Were they standing guard..”You guys look to the right, we’ll look to the left…you in the back, look where ever you want to?”

Were they watching for saltine crackers to be thrown joyously into the air by some clueless tourist?

Were they looking for an empty beach chair or beach towel on which they could recline?

Were they in actuality, lifeguard seagulls?

Is it possible that they were just simply waiting for a taxi?

I think that they were actually waiting for a pizza delivery…but that’s only my opinion.

29 thoughts on “WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?…

  1. Hilarious pic, Suzanne. I think they just wanted to be on the look out in both directions, just in case. 😕 One never knows, a paparazzi called Suzanne might be sneaking up on them. 😀


  2. Makes me think of the Bob Seger song,,,,

    Which way you gonna go
    To the left or to the right
    Gonna go up gonna go down
    I ain’t got no clue tonight

    Which way you gonna run
    To the east or to the west
    To the north to the south
    Which way you like the best

    or maybe they are just waiting for that Pizza delivery that you mention…

    Trust the winds are passing you by… maybe the birds are keeping a lookout for you…


    1. LOVE IT! Why my goodness young man…they have nothing to fear from me…unless you’re referring to the potential for their pizza to be stolen by me…then yes…they have something to fear.


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