1. Love chippy’s. So do our wiener dogs 🙂 We have a pair that live in the rock retaining walls in the garden. They are very entertaining to watch.

    1. 🙂 I did today..BUT….he can carry off an entire LARGE bag in just a few hours…mouthful by mouthful…all I do is watch him run off into the woods with them!

  2. It certainly brightens my day, means that you still have a house standing and you’re ok as well as all the little creatures that must suffer during these twisting destructive winds of nature…

    1. Yes..the house is still standing and the woods are intact. I finally got a full night’s sleep…although I left my phone near enough that I could hear the tornado alarm go off…it’s hard NOT to hear it…it’s ear piercing….
      I think about all of the little creatures to…I was feeling badly about them yesterday…knowing that they can’t all survive winds that high and destruction that complete.
      I’m sure you’ve seen on CNN the way that the trees look after a tornado wreaks its havoc. Stripped, splintered, just match-sticks…I also think about what the trees here would do to our house. We have a lot of windows facing the woods..the trees would be like missiles….not something I like to think about.

  3. He makes me smile every time. I thought I had a chipmunk at the feeder the other day and got excited until it moved and I saw it was just a sparrow. Bummer.

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