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So many bloggers are going to be affected by severe weather in the next few days, if they haven’t been already. Everyone stay weather aware and keep your bicycle helmets, motorcycle helmets, football, baseball, and riding helmets handy. They advise as always that you use a mattress to protect your head if need be. I’d like to add to those recommendations…put a metal pot on your head, Strap, or duct tape, two iron skillets over your ears. I’m sort of kidding, but sort of not…KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE SKY!
Hugs to everyone and stay safe!


    1. Terrible weather…the problem with a tornado is that it just pops up out of clouds..there one minute, gone the next….hurricanes show that they’re coming long before they get there and you have plenty of time to get out of the way…with the tornadoes, you can watch the weather stations and stay aware and one can still form extremely rapidly….

  1. These are some amazing images!
    I’m currently visiting family in south Mississippi, we haven’t had any of the rough stuff as yet, but may be in for some tonight/tomorrow. I’d be happy if it would just pass us by.

    1. Drat Alex! I’m looking at the weather channel right now…Stay safe!!!! I hope that it does pass you by….It’s absolutely POURING here right now…..I just watched a “wave” of water blow off the roof. Keep me up to date on what is happening with you….do you have a safe place to go…do you have a bike helmet??? Getting mine out and let me tell you…IT’S AWESOME! I’ll post an image later….

      1. I really think we’ll be on the edge of the heaviest stuff, and should be fine. Of course, we’re prepared and keeping a close eye on the weather. Will definitely keep you updated. Meanwhile, YOU stay safe and keep posting images – especially of that bike helmet!

        1. Things are looking better for us right now…I think we’ll be on the edge too, hoping to stay that way…yes…I’ll post images if anything wacky shows up…I’m not going to be doing any storm chasing though….my family has laid down the law….hehe!

  2. Sunday afternoon we had storms come through eastern IA. They dumped 1.5″ in 30 minutes. Then, kept raining for a total of 2.3″. Along with it was 50 mph wind. Lots of small stream and street flooding.

    Pay attention to your weather.

    1. That’s just crazy! Trust me, I’m paying attention! So glad that my daughter’s new job has her located in the basement of her building! We have a basement and I know how to use it…pouring here right now…You’ll have more today, won’t you? I’ll be keeping an eye on IA..take care!!!!!!

        1. Thanks for the link! I’m glad it’s quiet there…..I’ve heard from my daughter-in-law’s mother…she lives in Bethel Tenn…..storm was headed right for her and she described it as “growling”….no lightning…very black…that was a half hour ago…hope she’s ok….

    1. She’s off her meds and jumped onto the crazy train!!
      I’m going to post a picture of my “Tornado helmet” today….Lots of deaths are from head injuries…so they recommend that you keep a bike helmet, etc. close by…those types of headgear have saved a few people in the last few years…one little boy was lifted twenty-feet into the air and landed on his head…buy he was wearing his football helmet and he had no serious injuries…I used to have my kids put their bike helmets on even when we were down in the basement during tornado warnings….quite a few years ago…since my daughter’s now getting married..BUT…she has her bike helmet in her closet right now….(I gave it to her for her birthday last year.)

    1. I’ve spent many moments perched at the top of the basement steps with the dog on a leash next to me and the cat in his cat carrier.

    1. I will be careful nia…It’s going to be a rough couple of days I’m afraid…..I hope that other people will listen to the warnings and go to seems that too many people want to go out and SEE the tornadoes up close and they are causing traffic jams and then people are stuck in the bad weather in their cars! Foolish!!!

        1. Thanks so much nia…..I’ve got the cat and dog watching the weather channel with me…homes and businesses just flattened…in a lot of places, there are wide, wide areas where nothing but the shredded trees is taller than four feet tall….It’s unbelievable the damage that can be done.

    1. It’s not reached us yet, but at times the trees are really ROARING in the woods. I’m watching the weather channel and it’s getting’s going to be a long night and a long couple of days…we do have a basement and I am so grateful to have a place to get below ground if necessary.

        1. Thanks Bulldog…very sweet of you….:) Taking precautions…I have a “tornado app” on my phone…so that if anything is on it’s way, a VERY loud siren goes off ..right out of my phone…so I’m going to try to grab some sleep and hope that these storms don’t harm anyone else..sadly there have been at least eight deaths that I’ve heard of…so I’ll be on high alert…Take care of yourself dear friend…hope you’re feeling better, day by day…:)

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