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The Osprey…quite the amazing bird…can you tell I’m tired and need a nap…I don’t have a lot to say….I just spent several hours “untangling” the woods and made a big discovery…a hickory tree with a raccoon family making their home in it. So…hopefully, images to come.
For now…I just wanted to post this image of the Osprey, I’ve always liked it, so I hope that you do too.

50 thoughts on “FLOATING ON AIR…

  1. Another great capture … and if I could just convince you to apply for the upcoming Cincinnati show … well, apply for 2015. Looking forward to the raccoons.

    1. You are such a great supporter Frank! With the book occupying so much of my time, it seems unlikely for future art shows….Stay safe the next few days…looks like we’re in for it.

      1. Summerfair 2014 …. so it could be a good getaway for you and hubby – thus a fabulous way to incorporate art & a wonderful setting …. plus you are in the area for Graeter’s ice cream and a grilled cheese donut. 😉 …. so I plug 2015 as your book will hopefully be off your plate.

                    1. Whrw … and apology accepted. As you know, I would never mention chocolate massages unless you want me too. So … do you want me to mention chocolate massages?

    1. Thanks! I’ve been very surprised by my blogging friends reactions…it’s not very sharp with any enlargement at all…this guy was WAYYY up in the sky.

  2. I’ve occasionally tried to photograph a bird on the wing. Amazing how difficult it can be to find them in that big sky. Great shot!

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