At the last second (1 of 1)

AT THE LAST SECOND…Thats when I saw vivid red out of my window and ran for the camera! I’ve given this little camera a lot of grief…complained about it…gotten frustrated with it…but I used it for the mermaid Photoshoot and to capture this image, with just seconds to spare.

I have now officially stopped complaining about this camera. The Nikon Coolpix P510 42X zoom. A champ.
(And by the way…I did NOTHING to enhance this photo…the camera did all the work.)

24 thoughts on “AT THE LAST SECOND…”

    1. We’re down a little way from the “jetty” and I love it when I can hear the applause from down there as the sun disappears!
      Key West…so awesome!

  1. Simply wow.
    I feel bitter about the Coolpix, though. Mine has suddenly developed a set of bars across all pictures. End of camera. Simultaneously, my Handycam stopped giving a screen display. All I have left is my mobile.

      I know my d300 doesn’t have much life left, it does all kinds of strange things now. After the mermaid photoshoot the coolpix started having problems..doesn’t want to zoom in or out sometimes…I got this shot and then one more and it “froze”..but it is acting fine again..who knows..maybe the mermaid shoot burned it out!

    1. Thanks Jim! Hoping to get back to visiting everyone soon…working SO hard on the manuscript right now, that I get almost nothing else done…

        1. “Word” is giving me the devil of a hard time….manuscript is finished…proofed several times, with more to come…by the line spacing is a nightmare…doing the best I can to cope with it…

          1. Word can be very powerful and very frustrating. It thinks it knows what you want and need. There are so many layers of controls it is hard to know where to look. Some newer versions moved things to odd places.

            But, for big projects like your manuscript, you need it. Take a deep breath now and then. Erupt in cursing and swearing as needed. Have some chicken soup. Things will be fine in the end. 🙂

            1. LOLOLOL! Breathing…I always forget that….I’m going to tackle it again tonight…Had to deal with the discovery of a mouse that’s been visiting today…aaarrgghhh!

  2. It’s beautiful, Suzanne. Yes, you must stop whining about the Coolpix! Chuckle… The last seconds were the most impressive. Wow, you nailed this one. You and Mr. Cool. 🙂

    1. LOL! Thanks George! I’ve been watching your sites…love your latest work!
      Sometimes it won’t let me “like” or comment, so just know that I’m out here…loving each one! Give the birds a “peck” for me!

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