28 thoughts on “MERMAID SUNSET…”

  1. Isn’t this just the toot’s potatoes…I’ve looked, searched, crawled under sea rocks and peeked in dark corners of the earth’s oceans looking for Mermaids. And here you are shooting them. I’m a believer in all things Mermaids. I stand for all things Mermaids.
    My VISA card sports a Mermaid embossed in shiny glowy colours. Priceless.

    Shame on you….

    1. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Silly…..I would NEVER shoot a Mermaid! Do you really love them that much??? If so…you may like my beautiful Mermaid….

    1. hehehehe….Hiding! But there will be a picture of her later!
      I have a book fair today, so I won’t have time to reveal her to you all today..

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