26 thoughts on “MISSING JOE…

    1. Drove by the other day, it was the only way to get where I needed to goā€¦The Boys were out in the fieldā€¦mud on them from toes to neck, lolā€¦.tough winter.

    2. So GLAD to see that you are feeling up to a little bloggingā€¦feeling better? Are things healing up well and the pain subsiding??????? We were all very worried out here in the blogosphere…

      1. Having a hard time of this Iā€™m afraid, the infection count was so high they expected
        septicemia with a burst appendix or gall bladder, The x-rays showed a dark mass near the appendix so they went in there thinking they would find it burst. Luckily it had not, but the infection was through out the whole stomach intestine make up and I ended enduring firstly the emergency op followed by high care (which is short for keeping you awake by poking needles in you everywhere), followed by 63 bottles and sackets of antibiotics pumped intravenously. This at the same time I gave up smoking and now everything that seems to be a virus I get… bladder infections, throat infections etc. But the worst of it is the swelling inside has collapsed the bottom portions of my lungs that I now have to rejuvenate…
        But worse than that, chocolate tastes terrible because of the raw tongue and throat, in fact all food is terrible… I have dropped 9 kilos in two weeks (29 lbs) and am meant to be leaving for the Kalahari on Sunday, don’t quite know how this is going to work out…

        1. Dear God!
          You’re going through a hell of a time!!!!
          Where to beginā€¦63 ?!?!? bottles and sackets of antibiotics!!!!!!!!!!!
          Your poor lungs!! Is it really hard to breathe?????
          9 kilos!!!!!! Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Please tell me that you’re going to save the Kalahari for a later date!!!!
          I HATE that you’re going through this!
          Hang in there my friendā€¦I will be praying for you and thinking of youā€¦Forget about the chocolate and just GET WELL!!!!

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