BEAR IN MIND…(Don’t get too close.)

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A few years ago, we went out west to visit our son…that was just our first stop, we headed to Oregon and Washington from there.
Somewhere along the way we spotted this bear family…I was thrilled! Of course, being the experienced photographer that I am, I had only taken one lens with me on the trip….but I went for the shot anyway. Being too far away from a wild bear family to get a close up is NOT a bad thing. The image below is what I REALLY saw.

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all rights reserved.

15 thoughts on “BEAR IN MIND…(Don’t get too close.)

  1. Bears have been extinct in the UK since the 10th century. We do not have wolves either and only one poisonous snake which is found in Scotland.

    We would have to watch when in the US as we are not used to danger when in the wild (except for people drinking cheap wines and spirits in the bushes who are liable to mug you).

    1. lololololololol! I have never seen anyone drinking cheap wines and spirits in the bushes here, lololololololol!
      Yes…you would have to be very careful in a lot of our states….I forgot to be once and I was VERY lucky that nothing snuck up on me…I was definitely in a place where that could happen! Even here in the midwest we have coyote and mountain lion!

      1. Yes you get it in the West of Scotland. They drink a fortified wine called Buckfast which sends them off their heads.

        You can only buy the revolting drink in small corner shops, as supermarkets will not sell it. I have never tried it, but heard it tastes like cough mixture.

  2. How exciting. I haven’t seen a bear in the wild since I was a kid (although it’s not uncommon for them to show up around here in areas near the foothills).

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