29 thoughts on “DON’T EVEN SAY IT…”

  1. It’s been a funny winter – extreme cold in the US and warm in Europe. There is such a surplus of gas in Europe now so that the wholesale price has gone down.

      1. The wholesale price goes down – the price to the consumer will not go down!

        I trade in gas and power commodities and the prices paid just now by consumers reflect the wholesale prices paid months ago.

            1. We go up and down…..when it starts getting too high…people start “screaming”…they do an “investigation”…and things miraculously get a little better….summer of course…it doesn’t get too great…lots of traveling so up shoot the prices..

    1. Thanks Bulldog…I think I’m seeing light at the end of the tunnel…..the snow is melting fairly rapidly today…sunshine helps….I’m afraid to look at a weather forecast……Not so good when it starts to feel like spring…I found myself missing the horses this morning.

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