Well….it happened again…eight inches of snow yesterday. After the snowfall was finally over, I noticed two deer curled up down in the woods. Luckily, I got the video camera going and the resulting video is pretty chopped up…but at least you get to see “the highlights”…I hope you enjoy! (make sure that your volume is turned up!…not too high…but up!)

29 thoughts on “IF YOU CAN’T BEAT IT…ENJOY IT!”

    1. Thanks Pat, glad you liked the video…
      The snow was so beautiful this time, that we didn’t mind much…and we’re getting SOOOOOO used to it snowing.

    1. Sono così felice che ti sia piaciuto, Patrizi … io non li vedo giocare troppo spesso, o svegliarsi dai loro sonnellini!

  1. How nice to have this happen in your own back yard… are you feeding them ?? there sure seems little for them to find amid all that snow… loved it…

    1. I’m feeding them….after the snow started just going on and on, I got worried about them….shelled corn sold out at the stores..so apparently a LOT of people were looking out for the birds and wildlife.

    1. I did too! I couldn’t get to another window to tape them racing up and down beside the house, then up a hill and down a hill…it’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to see that behavior.

    1. I’ve given up understanding it….lots of times, hunters who have seen my book about “mama” the three legged deer, want to tell me stories..I just smile and listen and then go home and try to forget what I just heard.

      1. We also have a 3-legged Mama deer. Well, she has 4 legs, one is just injured, so she’s crippled. But it doesn’t slow her down. It pains me to see her walk though. Yes, we just have to put some things out of mind…

    1. It really does make it easier to take the news that more snow is on the way..now I think…ooohh..I hope I get some good shots……today I looked up to see a large fox running through the snow, very close to where the deer had been resting yesterday.

  2. Sue,

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to watch something I have never witnessed before. Truly amazing!


    1. You’re welcome! I’ve never seen anything like the buck nudging the doe in an effort to get her up and moving…You can’t hear it, because I added the music, but several times, all I could say was “wow”…

  3. Very nice. They’re obviously happy and have enough time to cavort around because they don’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from. They’re lucky to have you!

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