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What an experience…getting the chance to see an eagle’s nest, complete with eaglets and then stumbling upon the adult eagles at the eagle tree. The nest can be seen in my previous post, complete with eaglet.

One last image….I spent hours watching this adult bald eagle. The search for food never ends when there are two little eaglets waiting for you back at the nest. Eventually it was time for me to go back to MY nest and find food. As I walked back through the preserve I kept looking back at the eagle..I turned to take one last look and decided..I’m going to call this ‘The eagle tree’. The words had no sooner left my mouth than the eagle took flight and headed toward the nest. I grabbed a quick shot and watched the power.

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All rights reserved.

I’ve told you a little about my struggles with the camera I was using this day…don’t you just love the fact that…THE EAGLE’S NOT IN FOCUS?????????????

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    1. EXACTLY!!! I think this is exactly what was going on..they were actually “talking”, or at least one of them was and I do believe he was getting his instructions on “baby care” for the day.

    1. Thank you…at first I was thrilled to see that there was ONE eagle in the tree and then the other adult came in for a landing…after a little talk about the daily schedule, one of them left the tree…I can’t remember if this is the arrival or the take-off….this bronchitis has really messed with my head.

  1. It’s that time of year again. We have an eagle’s nest near our house and in the spring after the birds hatch, the constant shrieking of the eaglets (for weeks and weeks) can drive us nuts. It’s a challenge to learn to tune it out.

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