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Remember the little bird that was missing from an earlier post? This is that bird…I finally found him and he finally agreed to stay on the post. So here he is..I’ve completely forgotten why I posted him and if I wasn’t still dealing with this curse of a virus, I would take the time to look up the previous post. But I’m tired and I haven’t had any chocolate and I’m SOOO over coughing…so here’s the bird…I think it’s cute.


    1. Oh yes….plenty of snow…it’s melting a bit, but the temperatures are going up and down and we’ll get more snow Tuesday and Wednesday.

      1. Can’t belive what a winter you had over there and in Canada – truly mad. Feel so sorry for Mother Nature.
        We had +16 outside Stockholm yesterday … I hope the winter doesn’t think about arriving now.

        1. I hope that winter doesn’t come to you now also!
          I hope after it snows tomorrow and wednesday we will have no more until winter next year!

      1. Well, that’s what I see here. Perhaps I’m influenced by the Pokemon figures (my daughter has a stack of cards and also invents her own ones). When I look at the eyes of this cute bird, I see its potential to evaluate into a character with enormous powers, not to mess around with!

    1. I hope they prescribe some…The doctor’s office told me over the phone that this is a virus, but he’ll check tomorrow…fever…cough…BLEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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