OLIVER returns (1 of 1)

Tomorrow Oliver comes home…he’s been on vacation…and so have I.
I took my swollen, creepy looking eye down to Florida for a short vacation with hubby. He was so anxious to get a little time away to relax. He got to do a LOT of relaxing. He was sick for pretty much the entire two weeks.. he coughed and napped for about ten days. I think he may have bronchitis, which apparently everyone in our state is now suffering with. (Everyone on the flight home was coughing too..the flight attendants should have been handing out cough drops instead of peanuts.)
Since I was sharing 800 square feet with a man who was either coughing or dealing with the hiccups, I now have the plague. Don’t ask me why coughing made him hiccup, but it did. He hiccuped for 36 hours…that’s how we spent my birthday. So now we are back…our daughter is coming down with the plague and is living with us until her wedding. We were going to go out for a nice meal for my belated birthday celebration, but we may just stay in and eat chicken noodle soup.
Oh…and tomorrow Oliver comes home…he was lucky…he got to stay in luxurious accommodations with our wonderful Vet, Dr. Dan.
As far as I know, he isn’t coughing or hiccuping…boy has he got a surprise coming when he comes home. I wonder if he’s ever heard a human cough?

31 thoughts on “OLIVER RETURNS…”

  1. What a beautiful kitty. Gosh, I can’t imagine being gone from my kitties that long. Hubby and I have had varying degrees of the plague since December. We sound so awful when we get up in the morning…. ! Hope you all feel better soon. I know Oliver will be SO happy to see you!

    1. Oh you poor people…since December????!!!!
      Oliver is my son’s cat and we are just getting to know him…he has come to live with us for awhile and I haven’t become as attached to him as I know I will, lol….THEN it will be very hard to leave him!!

  2. Get well soon, Suzanne. I know what you mean – my Hubby gave me the flu in January. I spent the weekend with him coughing on me and then I got sick as a dog, too.

    1. OH MY GOSH!!! LOL!! I shouldn’t laugh…but I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND…I thought I was going to beat it…but no such luck! Now my poor daughter is listening to the “cacophony” of coughing!

  3. Suzanne, you have to look at this positively. You are all getting this plague over and done with before your daughter’s wedding which is much better than being diseased during the wedding!! Feel better my friend, and remember to eat lots of chocolate. That’s the best medicine of all :).

    1. I ate so much I gave myself acid reflux!! AAaaghh!!
      But you’re right..glad we’re all getting this out of the way now….wouldn’t we all be lovely sniffling and sneezing and coughing…we could play the blame game at the reception and decide who got who sick first.

    1. I tell you, I’m convinced all of this snow has something to do with it…too much moisture on the ground?? A new supersnow bug? Glad you’re both getting better…It is not fun….keep getting better!

    1. Tell me about it! At least we were in our own little place..but I’ve heard of others who spent their vacation sick in a hotel room….I should have added that I spent eleven of the fourteen days we were there, sleeping on the couch so that my husband could try to sleep..I was afraid he was going to get pneumonia!

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